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Discover Maya our AI for all your she will answer

Discover Maya our AI for all your she will answer

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Meraky Tech specialist in Artificial Intelligence in Toronto

It must be said that the field of application of Artificial Intelligence is gigantic, because it is a transversal IT discipline that can concern all sectors of a company or institution: Finance, Marketing, Health, E-commerce, Production, Innovation/R&D, Management and Accounting, Training/HR, Legal, CIO...

Meraky Tech is positioned as a privileged partner that offers ready-to-use or customized solutions.

We solve your business challenges with artificial intelligence AI

Among the pioneers of Artificial Intelligence in Canada Meraky Tech supports you in discovering the best AI opportunities for your context.

Together, we design solutions from IA that propel your efficiency as well as your revenue and mitigate your risk.

We determine the optimal approach and guide you through the process.

agence d'intelligence artificielle à Abidjan Côte D'Ivoire
Intelligence artificielle Abidjan Côte D'Ivoire

Our AI Automaion solutions

Automation AI

Automation of processes by artificial intelligence, programming on existing or new digital tools and solutions

Analysis AI

Automated repetitive analysis to relieve your teams, accurate analysis of large amounts of information

Our AI Automaion of Recognition


Interact continuously with your customers while streamlining and optimizing their processes

Custom AI

We accompany you on your projects and design and integrate fully customized AI solutions.

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